Przedszkole ITSW-ITSC Kraków

Przedszkole ITSW-ITSC Kraków
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Adres: Św. Agnieszki 1, Kraków

Przedszkole ITSW-ITSC Kraków

We are really and really trilingual . We prepare children for six different educational systems, including the Polish system.

The ITSW Kindergarten is a facility for children aged 3 to 6. We have branches in Warsaw and Krakow. Participation in educational activities is learning through play. The classes prepare future 6-year-olds to start primary school education - in one of the selected educational systems (British, American, French, international IB or Polish) or further in the trilingual system.

Trilingual kindergarten - continuation of learning three languages

The main goal of preschool education is to prepare a child for a smooth transition to the next stage - primary school education.Children develop social, emotional, cognitive, school and language skills that will allow them to start the next stage of education.

In addition to learning through play, we develop everyday habits in children, as well as develop small and large motor skills - so important in the development of the first school skills: reading and writing.

Children who attended our nursery in the ITSW international kindergarten naturally continue their trilingual education. The language is a tool here, not an end in itself (we do not conduct separate classes focused solely on language learning). Our pupils improve their three languages ​​as a communication tool with other children and the teacher during classes on other topics.In this sense, we can say that our kindergarten is just as Polish, British, American or French. 

Children who come to us only at the preschool stage still have a chance to find themselves in a new environment and learn a language similar to a native speaker. However, it should be remembered that adaptation to the new environment (which usually goes from monolingual to immediately trilingual) usually takes longer than at the stage of nursery education.

It can be said that this is the "last call" for those parents who plan a multilingual education for their child and the child's full internalization of selected foreign languages. Our teachers, by creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, make it as easy as possible to adapt to the new environment.