Przedszkole International Trilingual School of Cracow - ITSC (Kraków)

Przedszkole International Trilingual School of Cracow - ITSC
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Św. Agnieszki 1, Kraków
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  • język angielski
  • język francuski
  • język hiszpański
  • logopeda
  • psycholog
  • rytmika
  • gimnastyka ogólnorozwojowa
  • taniec nowoczesny
  • basen
  • matematyka
  • urodziny
  • warsztaty dla dzieci
  • warsztaty dla rodziców


Grupa mieszana od 1950 PLN

Opis obiektu

Grupy nauczane metodą imersji w języku angielski, polskim, francuskim

We are truly and comprehensively trilingual, preparing children for six different educational systems, including the Polish system. ITSC Preschool, with branches in both Warsaw and Krakow, caters to children aged 3 to 6. Our distinctive approach involves immersive learning through play during educational activities, preparing our young learners for primary school education in various systems such as British, American, French, International Baccalaureate, or Polish. Alternatively, they can continue their education in our trilingual system. In our trilingual kindergarten, we build upon the foundation of learning three languages, providing a unique and enriching experience. The primary goal of preschool education is to prepare children for a seamless transition to the next stage—primary school education. Here, children develop essential social, emotional, cognitive, school, and language skills, setting the stage for their educational journey. Alongside learning through play, we...


Program nauczania

St ITSC, we implement an educational program that we have developed ourselves. This program allows our pupils to continue their education in primary school in accordance with the standards of six educational programs:


- the American Common Core,

- the British National Curriculum (EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage),

- the French Program d'Enseignement de l'Ecole Maternelle,

- the Polish core curriculum,

- the IB program (PYP - Primary Years Program).


Each of the above programs has its strengths and weaknesses. Comparing the standards that these programs assume has allowed us to define the highest educational standards for each subject and for a given age group, and we work according to these standards.


The kindergarten's curriculum and subjects are common to all and are taught in three languages..